Commercial Umbrella

Umbrella in rainstorm

As a policyholder’s business increases, the likelihood of a lawsuit can also increase. A great way to protect the assets you have accumulated in the event of a lawsuit is with an Umbrella policy. An Umbrella policy provides policyholders with excess liability coverage to protect them in the event of a lawsuit including associated legal fees.

The Umbrella provides excess liability limits over any underlying liability policy that is listed on the Umbrella policy. This includes Businessowners, General Liability, Employer’s Liability portion of Worker’s Compensation, Commercial Auto Liability and Garage Liability.

Find out more about our Commercial Umbrella policy and obtain a free quote by contacting your local IMT Independent Insurance Agent!

This is a brief summary of coverage and is intended only as an aid in selecting a policy. Review the actual policy for details on all coverages, terms, limits, conditions and exclusions, or contact your IMT Independent Insurance Agent for complete details.

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