Safety Resource Articles

Quality, cost and production are visible; safety typically is not until it is too late. A strong case can be made however to show that without safety in the workplace, quality, cost and production all suffer.

It is widely accepted that accidents and injuries are expensive. Direct and indirect costs of accidents are on the rise and include factors such as medical costs, lost wages, loss of production, additional employee training, equipment repair, administrative time, loss of employee service to family and much more. It is estimated that indirect costs can average seven to ten times the amount of the medical and compensation expenses. Once all those factors are added together, it is easy to see how even one small accident can affect every aspect of your business.

Taking the time to educate your employees is a vital step in the process of reducing or eliminating costly accidents and injuries. Our goal at IMT is to offer resource material to help you enhance your safety program and assist in providing information to educate your employees.

Safety in 60 Seconds

Below is a collection of videos on various topics to provide some helpful tips and recommendations for keeping you and your family safe!



Weather, Disaster and Emergency Procedures

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