Grocery Store Insurance

Fresh produce section of grocery store

Specific Grocery Store Coverages

  • Brands and Labels
  • Business Personal Property – Seasonal Increase
  • Credit Card Receipts
  • Delivery Errors & Omissions
  • Food Contamination
  • Lottery Errors & Omissions
  • Merchandise Withdrawal Expense
  • Spoilage

The Grocery PAK on the BOP provides enhanced and tailored coverages for grocery stores, with the flexibility to increase or add optional coverages. The BOP includes all the coverages to keep a business owner worry free!

Property Coverage

We recognize the importance of protecting your business’ tangible and intangible assets. Available property coverages on the BOP include:

Not only includes your structure, it also covers additions, permanently installed fixtures and equipment along with personal property used to service or maintain your building.

Covers items within your building such as furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, stock and all other personal property owned by you and used in your business. It also covers personal property of others if you are responsible for the property while in your possession

Liability Coverage

The increasing number of lawsuits and associated legal fees in today’s world makes it necessary to have the best liability coverage available. The BOP includes:

Provides protection if you are liable for bodily injury or property damage. You also have protection under personal and advertising injury if you are sued for libel or slander

Provides peace of mind if someone is injured on your premise even if you are not liable for their injury

Business Income and Extra Expense

In the event that you experience a covered loss, which prevents you from immediately reopening your business, the BOP pays for your lost Business Income and Extra Expenses incurred for up to 12 consecutive months after the loss.

Identity Recovery (IDR)

Included on all BOP policies to provide protection from the growing identity theft problem. IDR combines identity theft insurance with valuable services that help busy businessowners restore credit history and identity records to pre-theft status if they become an unfortunate victim of identity theft.

Equipment Breakdown

Provided on all BOP policies and covers all the equipment that keeps your grocery store running, including: refrigeration systems, electronic retail equipment, security systems, and heating and air conditioning systems. In addition to coverage for equipment, it also includes spoilage of perishable goods and resulting Business Income losses and Extra Expense to get back in business quickly.

The Equipment Breakdown Risks Are Real

Hydrochloric acid from an unknown source filled an underground electrical conduit, causing severe corrosion to a grocery store’s electrical cables and switchgear. Wire insulation was burned in several spots and wires were fused together due to the contact. The store shut down for four days and an extensive inventory of refrigerated goods spoiled.

Total Loss:$133,140

Find out more about our Grocery Store PAK policy and obtain a free quote by contacting your local IMT Independent Insurance Agent!

1Indicates higher limits may be purchased.

This is a brief summary of coverage and is intended only as an aid in selecting a policy. Review the actual policy for details on all coverages, terms, limits, conditions and exclusions, or contact your IMT Independent Insurance Agent for complete details.

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