Probate & Court Bonds

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Probate or fiduciary bonds are required by the court of a fiduciary to protect any interested parties from loss resulting from any failure of the fiduciary to faithfully perform the duties and obligations required of them by law.

The most common probate bonds written by IMT include:

  • Administrators
  • Conservators
  • Executors
  • Guardians
  • Receivers
  • Trustees

Court or Judicial bonds are required by the court from a litigant for the protection of the opposing litigant or other interested parties. This bond preserves the rights of the opposing litigant in the granting of the privilege or remedy.

The most common court bonds written by IMT include:

  • Appeal
  • Attachment
  • Costs
  • Indemnity to Sheriff
  • Injunction
  • Trustees

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