Businessowners Contractors Insurance

Hard hat, hearing protection, safety glasses, work boots

The Businessowners Policy (BOP) has specialized coverages for small-to-medium sized contracting operations, all designed to help keep you worry free! The base policy provides:

Property Coverage

Not only includes your structure, it also covers additions, permanently installed fixtures and equipment along with personal property used to service or maintain your building

Covers items within your building such as furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, stock and all other personal property owned by you and used in your business. It also covers personal property of others if you are responsible for the property while in your possession

Liability Coverage

Provides protection if you are liable for bodily injury or property damage. You also have protection under personal and advertising injury if you are sued for libel or slander

  • Products & Completed Operations


The Contractors endorsement is for many different types of artisan-based businesses, such as:

  • Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Carpentry
  • Landscape Gardening
  • Painting
  • Siding Installation

You are eligible for the Contractors program on the BOP if you:

  • Are a contractor employing 15 or fewer employees
  • Have maximum gross receipts of $3,000,000 or less
  • Have an annual payroll of up to $500,000
  • Have sub-contracted work that is less than 20% of your gross annual receipts

Built-In Coverage

Contractors’ Installation, Tools and Equipment

  • $3,000 – Miscellaneous tools at either a $500 or $2,000 sublimit1
  • $3,000 – Installation floater1
  • Option to add coverage for:
    • Scheduled tools2
    • Non-owned tools and equipment2
    • Employees’ tools2

As an added benefit, if you add the Contractors Plus endorsement to your policy, the premium charge for the Contractors’ Installation, Tools, and Equipment coverage is reduced!

Optional Coverages2,3

Provides coverage if you become legally obligated to pay damages because of property damage to property of others that is in your care, custody or control, or for property damage to property of others while in your possession or arising out of your work.

From Owners, Lessees or Contractors, Designated Person or Organizations, even Controlling Interests, we can assist with the proper Additional Insured Endorsement.

Designed specifically for contractors and includes:

  • Additional Insured coverage for:
    • Managers or Lessors of Premises
    • State or Political
    • Subdivisions – Permits
    • Vendors
  • Theft coverage for Patterns, Dies, Molds and Forms
  • Lease Gap coverages for office equipment
  • Worldwide coverage for laptop computers

Contractors E & O provides payment when the contractor must legally pay damages for faulty workmanship, material or products. The damages must have resulted from the insured’s error, omission or negligent act while acting in the insured’s business. Select the limit option available that best fits your needs!

The Equipment Breakdown Risks Are Real

A power surge shut down a 16-card phone system, leaving a busy contracting business with only two phone lines. The surge also damaged the motherboards of five computer systems. The computers were repaired, but the entire phone system needed to be replaced.

Total Loss:$11,125

Find out more about our Contractors coverage and obtain a free quote by contacting your local IMT Independent Insurance Agent!

1 Indicates higher limits may be purchased. 2 Additional premium charge associated with this coverage. 3 Coverage is available by endorsement. 4 Not all contractor classes are eligible.

This is a brief summary of coverage and is intended only as an aid in selecting a policy. Review the actual policy for details on all coverages, terms, limits, conditions and exclusions, or contact your IMT Independent Insurance Agent for complete details.

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