Students and Your Home & Auto Insurance

Students and Your Home & Auto Insurance

Graduation and summer break look may looks a little different this year than in the past. College students came home earlier and many graduates had their final year cut short, but that doesn't stop them to looking towards the future! Whether they are entering the working world or going on to further their education, there are some big changes on the horizon for them!

Between finishing up their remaining classes online, moving and job-hunting, it is easy to overlook one consideration near and dear to our hearts at IMT. You guessed it: insurance!

Unsurprisingly, making sure they have adequate coverage in place is not usually a top priority for either recent grads or for parents of those transitioning. This is where your IMT Agent excels!

Is your child coming home for the summer? Below are a few questions you should consider:


  • Is your student enrolled Full Time?
  • What contents of my child's are covered? 
  • How long will your student be home, and are they bringing all of their possessions with them? 


  • Is your student under 29 and/or unmarried?
  • Is your student attending school over 100 miles away from home? 
  • Did your child achieve the Honor Roll, Deans List, or comparable list? They may be eligible for a Good Student Discount! 

All of the above are important things to consider with a student graduating from High School or College, even if it's not in the forefront of our minds!

If there are any children in your home going through a transitional period, now is the perfect time to review your insurance policies with your local IMT Agent!

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