Oh, Deer! What Drivers Should Know About Animal Collisions

Oh, Deer! What Drivers Should Know About Animal Collisions

In the midst of seasons changing, drivers everywhere will have a new set of factors to consider as they get behind the wheel. Earlier sunsets mean less visible roads and, depending on where you live, a change in weather could result in more rain or snow. These are just a few conditions drivers can expect as the season changes. Fall also signifies the seasonal migration of animals, particularly deer, throughout large parts of the country.

Many roads have signs indicating that deer crossings can be expected, but what should drivers do to prevent a collision with a deer? What should drivers do if they do hit a deer? Because deer collisions are estimated to cause more than $1.1 billion in vehicle damages annually, drivers should prepare. Farmers Insurance has suggestions to help drivers to reduce their risk. 

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Americans who participated in a recent survey think stopping short or swerving should they encounter a deer on the road is usually the best option to minimize damage. This is more likely to result in drivers losing control of their car and hitting barriers, other cars or causing rollovers! Of multiple vehicle chain collisions, which is any collision involving more than two vehicles, 31% occur in the fall. Only 12% of motorists strongly agree with experts that hitting the deer directly may be the better alternative to minimize the potential for damage. 

Five states, in particular, are reporting the highest percentage of claims coming from animal collisions between September and November. 

  • Iowa (65%)
  • Montana (60%)
  • Wisconsin (60%)
  • Pennsylvania (57%)
  • Minnesota (55%)

Although we may be used to seeing deer during the fall in the Midwest, extra vigilance is a must during this season! If you do happen to have an accident, contact your local IMT Insurance Agent. Drive safe and keep an eye out for deer!

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