Climate Change + Increased Severity: What It Means for IMT

Climate Change + Increased Severity: What It Means for IMT

Founded in 1884, IMT was established by a farmer seeking to provide a way to help address the aftermath of windstorms. Our IMT name came directly from this historical tie to tornadoes. As our organization has grown and evolved over the subsequent years, providing the best property and casualty insurance products remains core to our business.

Today, IMT Mutual Holding Company is owned by its policyholders and is not governed with the goal of profit for stockholders. Instead, our sole focus is to serve those around us in the best possible way. Our company is managed so that we can fulfill the promises we have made to our policyholders and our communities. The current trend of increased frequency and severity of destructive weather events is impacting the entire insurance industry, including IMT. We are looking at innovative ways to continue our commitment to support our employees, agents, mutuals, policyholders, and communities to be worry free. IMT continues to make strategic decisions to manage the accumulation of smaller storm and adjust as more catastrophic storm events occur year over year.

IMT partners with Independent Insurance Agents, as we believe insurance-seekers should have options. When working with an Independent Insurance Agent, an individual or company needing insurance can have access to more choices. Discover the Independent Insurance Agency near to you.

Stay Safe in Severe Weather

For all people to stay safe when strong storms hit is most important. Residents in our midwestern territory (Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota) are familiar with the possibility of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Be prepared and have a plan:

  • Based on your location, bookmark your trusted weather reporting resource. It’s best to have multiple methods to access reports (like cellular data and AM radio) in the event power is lost. If local authorities issue a tornado warning, take shelter immediately.
  • Determine in advance your tornado shelter. Basements and storm cellars are the best choices. If no underground shelter is available, choose an interior room without windows or hallway on the lowest floor possible. Your objective is to put as many walls as possible between the outdoors and you. A helmet, sturdy table or even layers of clothing can help protect your head from debris.
  • Never try to outrun a tornado in an urban or congested area in a car or truck. Instead, leave the vehicle immediately for safer shelter.

Stay aware of storm activity in your area and have a plan to stay safe should severe weather occur.

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