Relief For IMT Victims of Catastrophic Storms

Relief For Victims of Catastrophic Storms

IMT Insurance would like to extend our sympathy to individuals affected by recent storms across the Midwest. These storms have had a devastating impact on a number of communities. As an insurance company, we realize the overwhelming nature of these types of disasters. It is always inspiring to learn about the numerous communities and individuals who are working together to assist those in need.

If you have been affected by the recent natural disasters, we want to provide you with some peace of mind during the recovery process. Please contact your insurance agent if you need an extension of a policy provision imposing a time limit or are unable to make your premium payment. We will be happy to defer your premium payments for a reasonable period of time without assessing any late fees or interest to your account. Although your premium due will continue to accrue during this time period, some of you may benefit from additional time to get your financial situation back in order.

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