Relief for Victims of the December 1st Tornado in Illinois

Relief for Victims of the December 1st Tornado in Illinois

IMT Insurance would like to extend our sympathy to those individuals affected by the tornadoes which devastated portions of Christian County in Illinois on December 1, 2018. As an insurance company, we realize the overwhelming nature of these types of disasters. It is always inspiring to learn about the communities and individuals who work together to assist those in need.

Based upon guidance from the Illinois Department of Insurance, we are taking action to provide some peace of mind to disaster victims during the recovery process and help ensure affected policyholders do not lose important insurance coverage during the time they need it the most. 

  • We are willing to withdraw any cancellation or nonrenewal notice issued on or after November 23, 2018 on any in-force policy issued to an affected policyholder.
  • We will grant to affected policyholders an extension of any and all policy provisions that impose a time limit for any act, such as the submission of a claim or proof of loss.  The extension will be for a minimum of 60 days from the last date allowed or required under the terms of the contract.
  • If repairs on affected property cannot be completed within the time period required under any policy, or within the 90-day time period requested for improvements to the condition of any property, we will provide any affected policyholder with an extension of at least 60 days.

In addition, if you have been affected by the recent natural disasters and are unable to make your premium payment, please contact your insurance agent. We will be happy to defer premium payments for a reasonable period of time without assessing any late fees or interest to the account. Although your premium due will continue to accrue during this time period, we believe some may benefit from additional time to get their financial situation back in order.

The Illinois Department of Insurance is available for consumers to file any complaint regarding a disaster-related dispute or issue.  Consumers can contact the Illinois Department of Insurance at 1-866-445-5364 or online at: 

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