Protect Fine Arts

Protect Fine Arts

When it comes to valuable fine arts collections, you should take a broad risk management approach to this important loss exposure—an approach beyond simply procuring the proper insurance.

The following are some risk control tips to know if you have valuable fine arts collections:

  • Maintain your home's interior at a steady temperature (between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit), since extreme heat or cold can damage art work.
  • Avoid placing art work in direct sunlight or near a fireplace.
  • Do not store artwork in a basement or an attic; instead, use a reputable fine-art storage facility for your artwork that is not displayed.
  • Utilize a centrally monitored security system, and use outdoor signs to alert potential burglars of your security system.
  • Install smoke detectors in rooms in which the art is located.
  • Properly frame art work using shatter-resistant fronts to block UV rays, and consider hiring a professional art hanger for your more valuable pieces.


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