Campus Safety

Campus Safety

How is all of this “stuff” going to fit into one vehicle? You know your dorm room is only 11 by 14, and you have a roommate, correct? What floor did you say we had to carry these boxes to?

If you’ve asked these questions over the past couple of weeks and your dining room looks like a combination mini-warehouse for Target, Best Buy and Bed, Bath & Beyond, you must have a child headed off to college.

The dollar amount of all of these “necessities” can rise almost as fast as your concern over how this child that can’t remember to shut the refrigerator door is going to keep this small Fort Knox of belongings close to its current condition and more importantly, in their possession.

College students are frequent victims of crime. Knowing what to watch out for, and how to protect themselves and their property, is important to college life on campus.

After checking your insurance policies to make sure your student’s property and automobile are properly covered while they are away at college, take a minute to cover these tips that might help them as they venture away from the nest.

Property Tips:

  • Always lock your doors – ALWAYS!
  • Never abandon your laptop. Secure it or take it with you.
  • Keep your valuables hidden in your room and in your car.
  • Make a log of serial numbers, manufacturers, date purchased, etc. in case items do go missing.
  • Maintain privacy on social media and in social settings.

Personal Safety:

  • Provide family and close friends with your routines so they have a general idea of where you should be.
  • Never walk alone – NEVER! Use campus resources or the buddy system.
  • Always use the elevator. Stairways are secluded and confined.
  • Know emergency routes and exits in ALL buildings.
  • Never take safety for granted whether in a dorm, classroom, social setting or around campus.

The IMT Loss Control Department has resources available to help our agents and insureds in their efforts to reduce exposures and injuries while promoting safety at the workplace and in the home. Please contact our office if you have an insured you think could benefit from additional information or a loss control visit.

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