Safety Tips for Super Bowl Weekend

Safety Tips for Super Bowl Weekend

The Super Bowl is soon upon us and that means plenty of food and fun to be had by football fans! Whether you are enjoying the game and commercials with your household or attending a watch party, there are several safety measures to keep in mind.

Food & Kitchen Safety:

  • Remember to keep cold foods chilled, around 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below. Warm dishes should be kept around 165 degrees Fahrenheit to remain warm.
  • Perishable foods that aren’t being chilled or warmed should not be left out for more than two hours in room temperature.
  • If you are cooking during the game, stay near the food! Leaving food cooking and unattended can be a fire hazard.

Outdoor & Driving Safety:

  • If you are hosting guests, keep your driveway and sidewalks clear of snow and ice to prevent slips and falls.
  • Remain alert, avoid distractions, and buckle up if you are on the road this weekend.
  • Don’t drive if you have been drinking. Designate a driver to get everyone home safely.
  • Be prepared for winter driving conditions and keep items such as blankets, jumper cables, an ice scraper, and a shovel in your vehicle.

Stay safe this weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl!

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