Ice Cleats Can Increase Your Odds of Staying Upright During Winter

Ice Cleats Can Increase Your Odds of Staying Upright During Winter

Winter is here and has already brought snow, freezing rain, and sleet with it! Being prepared for winter weather could save you time, money, and unneeded injury. When conditions deteriorate, are you considering your safety during the walks to your mailbox, grocery store, office, or all day on the job site?

There is no guarantee you won’t fall this winter season, but having the right pair of ice cleats greatly increases your odds of staying upright. According to Nolan Noeker, owner of, “Ice cleats work extremely well at reducing the risk if you choose the best, well-designed ice cleats for your particular situations and work with your lifestyle.” Most ice cleats work to some degree, but there can be big differences in how well and reliably they work. More than one type of ice cleat may be needed for different situations or job functions. When trying to find the right ice cleat, it’s far more effective to start by focusing on your job tasks rather than the differences between various ice cleats. divides their cleats into three categories:

  • Transitional Traction: These do not need to be taken off indoors. These are designed for people who frequently transition from outdoor to indoor settings or drive vehicles.
  • Working Traction: The most aggressive ice cleats for all-day use on ice and snow. These are good for employees who have the most exposure to icy and snowy conditions. They are built for aggressive traction and durability.
  • Walking Traction: Ideal for employees who are asked to walk outside on ice and snow but do not spend their entire day working outside. They are lightweight and easy to put on and take off.

IMT’s Loss Control Department has a variety of safety resources available on a wide range of topics (including winter safety) to help reduce both exposure and injuries. Please contact your IMT agent if you think you think could benefit from a visit with our loss control professionals.


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