Who Needs to be Listed as a Driver on Your Auto Policy?

Who Needs to be Listed as a Driver on Your Auto Policy?

Your auto insurance premium is partially determined by the drivers that are listed on your policy.  Having sufficient car insurance gives you a front-line defense if an accident occurs.

Who should be listed on your insurance policy?

  • Everyone in your household that is licensed should be a listed driver. This includes both family members and non-relatives. If a licensed driver is not listed, expect the insurance company to ask about them. Insurers obtain reports that list potentially undisclosed drivers.
  • A newly licensed teenager should be added on your insurance policy immediately. Giving consent for your teen to obtain a license makes you legally responsible for the young driver. The insurance company also requires they be listed drivers, so contact your agent to add them to your policy.
  • A newly licensed permitted driver who has the ability to drive without a parent or guardian (such as a school permit) is also required to be listed on your policy once the permit or license has been issued
  • Anyone driving your vehicle on a regular basis that are not a household member could have a gap in coverage. This should be discussed with your agent to make sure that driver is covered properly.

Talk with your local IMT agent about your policy and listed drivers.

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