Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Get Your Home Ready for Spring

It is almost spring! And now it’s time to see how rough winter was on your home. Once snow, ice, wind and freezing temperatures disappear, it’s a good time to check how your home withstood the season. Here are some tips to make sure your home is ready for spring:

  • Have your roof inspected. Freezing and thawing can damage your roof Have it checked to ensure there are no leaks or lose or damaged shingles or metal. 
  • Fix any ceiling stains. You may have a ceiling stain if your roof had a leak. First fix the leak, then fix this stain. Moisture can lead to mold or mildew, so address the stain before it becomes a larger problem!
  • Inspect windows and doors. Look for broken or bent hinges, frames or edges. It's also a great time to inspect for holes in your screens. 
  • Consider resealing your driveway. Water seeps into the driveway during the winter, which can create cracks! Have the driveway resealed to prevent further cracking. 
  • Check your fences. Repair or replace any loose slats or rot on your fences. 
  • Clean gutters & downspouts. Leaves can weight things down while ice dams can bend and break gutters. Check them on your own or call a professional if you're not comfortable with it! 
  • Inspect faucets and hoses. Turn them on to ensure water is running as it should. If the water pressure is too low, a pipe inside your home may need to be fixed. 

After your home is ready for spring, get out there and enjoy the nice weather. Happy Spring! 

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