Last Minute Flood & Windstorm Checklist for Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Last Minute Flood & Windstorm Checklist for Commercial & Industrial Buildings

In the U.S., spring to fall brings the trifecta of catastrophe risks: flood, tornadoes and hurricanes. March to June marks the period when most tornadoes strike; however, these storms can happen every month during the year. Similarly, floods also can happen at any time but most frequently occur between spring and fall.

No area of the U.S. is risk-free from any of these weather events. Although the East Coast bears the most hurricane exposure, the Midwest and South see the most tornadoes. Consider Tornado Alley, which includes Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska. With that in mind, commercial and industrial facilities around the country must be prepared for a natural disaster at all times.

To inform commercial and industrial buildings about weather-related exposures, FM Global created a “last-minute” flood and windstorm checklist to help these facilities mitigate damage:

  1. Complete a Flood Emergency Response Plan
  2. Test emergency generators and make sure enough fuel is on hand
  3. Place items such as sandbags or other temporary barriers at entrances to prevent water from entering the premises 
  4. Keep tarps and plastic sheets available in case of roof damage
  5. Mobilize contractors who maintain facility grounds and make sure they are on high alert. At the very least, ensure you have all their contact information in case they are needed. 
  6. Check around the facility grounds for items that can become windblown debris (trashcans, flower pots, etc.,) and move them indoors or secure them before a storm. 
  7. Remove equipment and materials from the roof that can become windblown debris and secure any remaining items on the roof. 
  8. To allow water flow and prevent backup, check roof drains to ensure they are clear of debris.

Natural disasters and storms happen - be prepared and have a plan in place! For questions pertaining to your commercial coverage, talk to your local IMT Agent today! 

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