Holiday Fire Safety - Hanging your Stockings with Care

Holiday Fire Safety - Hanging your Stockings with Care

A lighted tree. Brightly colored presents. Stockings hung. And a blazing fire. The scene is quintessential holiday. But is it safe? Whenever you add fire to a scene, you need to add an extra level of caution. There’s a reason the holiday classic A Visit from St. Nicholas said that the stockings were hung “with care.” Here are some tips for fireplace safety around the holidays:

Hang stockings with care

Never hang stockings in front of a burning fire. Stockings can be hung when the fire is not lit, but should be moved to another location when the fireplace is in use.

Manage your mantel

When decorating your fireplace mantel, be sure to keep combustible materials such as greenery or ribbons away from any possible spark or flame.

Steer your tree clear

Your tree should be positioned at least three feet away from fireplaces, radiators and other heat sources.

Use candles with care

Keep candles away from items that easily catch fire, such as decorations, window treatments and paper. Also, be sure candles are kept far from children’s reach and are extinguished any time you leave the room.

Toss your wrap

Never burn used wrapping paper in the fireplace as it may cause intense flash fires. Consider recycling instead.

Source: Copyright 2010, Underwriters Laboratories - Safety at Home

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