Specialty Business Insurance Policies Offered by The IMT Group

Specialty Business Insurance with The IMT Group

IMT's Specialty Business programs are insurance packages tailored specifically to meet your needs as the owner of a car wash, as a convenience store owner and operator, as the head of a golf course, as a grocery store owner and operator, as the owner or tenant of an office building, as the owner of storage units, or as a veterinarian. It is designed for you, your business and your peace of mind.

Insuring your business with IMT means protection for buildings, business personal property and liability exposures. It also includes coverage for business personal property off-premises, signs, newly acquired buildings and personal property, lock replacement, back up of sewers or drains, trees, shrubs and plants, employee dishonesty, and off-premises power failure.

The IMT Specialty Business programs are proof of what it means to "Be Worry Free with IMT".


Covers losses from damage resulting from a wide range of causes.


Automatically included; with a variety of limits available.

It's flexible.

The Specialty Business programs include specific coverages for your business and also allow you to:

  • Add coverages.
  • Select different limits.
  • Create your overall package that best suits your needs and your pocketbook.

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