Legal Advice Line

Legal Advice Line

Making an employment decision that could put you at risk? Wondering how new employment laws may affect you?

The Legal Advice Line is a complimentary service exclusively for policyholders with our Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) insurance program. Through this service, an experienced attorney – well-versed in federal and state employment laws – can give you general counsel on a range of employment issues, including:

  • Whether an employee may have a claim against you
  • Legal implications of decisions or actions you are considering
  • New employment laws and how they affect you
  • Other employment law-related questions

The Legal Advice Line staff will take note of your inquiry and refer it to an experience employment attorney who will respond within the next business day. All communications are strictly confidential and subject to attorney-client privileges. There is no cost or obligation.

Call (877) 529-4375 for Employment Legal Advice.

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