Identity Recovery

Identity Recovery

As an insured with The IMT Group, we offer Identity Recovery coverage as an endorsement to new and renewal Wadena Businessowners policies. This program provides identity theft insurance coverage and practical help for key owners and partners of insured businesses. If you are a qualifying owner or partner of the insured business and you become a victim of identity theft, you’ll have expense reimbursement and personal help for the recovery process. Below are highlights of this service and coverage:

Time Is Money
The biggest “cost” to victims of identity theft is the time and frustration they incur correcting their credit history and identity records. The average victim spends 60 hours to rectify the damage from identity theft and many cases take much longer. It’s frustrating, confusing and especially inconvenient for a busy business owner, who can’t afford to take time or focus off work. Our identity recovery services are designed to ease the burden and will handle the bulk of the work on the victim’s behalf.

Identity Recovery Help Line
Counselors at our toll-free Identity Recovery Help Line, will answer insureds’ initial questions, provide information about identity theft and provide a guide that gives advice about what to do immediately.

Identity Recovery Case Manager Service
Verified identity theft claimants will be assigned an experienced case manager. Your case manager will perform the bulk of the work on your behalf, to help you identify where fraud has occurred, make the right contacts and speed the often complicated recovery process.

Our program uses case managers who are licensed investigators and who are able to take action on your behalf, with your permission, through a limited power of attorney.

Identity Theft Insurance
Our program also includes expense reimbursement insurance up to $15,000 that reimburses victims for covered expenses arising from a defined identity theft event, including:

  • Various legal fees caused by identity theft (including costs for both civil and criminal defense).
  • Lost wages as a result of time away from work.
  • Costs for child or elder care as a result of time away from home.
  • Cost of obtaining credit repository reports.
  • Fees when reapplying for loans initially declined due to falsified credit information.
  • Postage, phone and shipping fees.
  • Costs for mental health counseling.
  • Costs for other expenses that arise directly from the identity theft.

If you suspect you are a victim of identity theft, call our Help Line at (866) 221-3470. Counselors are available to help you Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST.

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