Fidelity Bonds Offered by The IMT Group

Fidelity Bonds with The IMT Group

Fidelity bonds (employee theft coverage) indemnify an employer for loss of money, securities and other property caused by an employee theft from the employer.

Think about these FACTS when considering fidelity coverage:

  • The U.S. Commerce Department estimates the annual cost of employee theft is $40 billion, ten times that of street crime!
  • The American Management Association estimates that employee theft causes 20% of all business failures!
  • A national survey reported one third of all retail, health care and manufacturing employees admitted stealing from employers last year.
  • Most companies don’t know they have an internal theft problem, and make the discovery by accident TOO LATE!

Don’t let your business add to these statistics. Consider purchasing fidelity coverage from IMT today! IMT offers either schedule coverages on certain positions or blanket coverages on all employees. In addition, we also write ERISA fidelity bonds required for pension and/or profit sharing plans.

We would encourage you to find out more about our IMT Fidelity Bond Program by contacting a local insurance agent today!