Farmers Personal Liability Insurance Offered by The IMT Group

Farm Liability Insurance with The IMT Group

Everyone has assets. When the prospect of losing these assets reaches a level that threatens to financially endanger you or your family, it is time to consider liability insurance.

Did you know that if someone slipped and fell on your property, you could be held liable for their medical expenses? Or, did you know that if your livestock escaped and caused an automobile accident, you may be liable for the damages to any affected automobiles and their operators? In the blink of an eye, simple, yet not uncommon, situations may force you to be faced with expenses that either you can not afford, or which would seriously impact your financial well-being. IMT offers both personal liability and farm liability coverage to safeguard your hard-earned assets against such unforeseen misfortunes.

IMT is proud to offer affordably priced liability coverage for the homeowner, renter, or farmer. IMT's Farmers Personal Liability Policy offers coverage to exposures that are particular to farms, farm business operations, farm employees and liability exposure in selling products related to the farming business. A broad selection of limits is available to tailor coverage to an individual’s particular needs and circumstances. So do not hesitate. Make sure that your premises are properly insured so that if you fall down, IMT can be there to pick you up.

We would encourage you to find out more about our Farmers Personal Liability program and obtain a free quote by contacting a local insurance agent today!