Data Compromise

Data Compromise

Data Compromise coverage helps small to mid-sized businesses alert customers about a personal data breach and offer services that can help keep those customers from leaving.

The program pays for the following services provided by third party professional service suppliers to assist business clients, employees and others affected by a data breach:

  • Legal review of notification obligations which vary by state and circumstance
  • Data analysis services to find out who was affected and how to notify them
  • Pre-notification consultation on services to be offered to affected persons
  • Preparation and mailing of notification letters.
  • Toll-free help line
  • Credit monitoring for affected persons
  • Identity restoration case management for identity theft victims

More than 50% of U.S. small businesses have had some security breach. And today, almost every state requires businesses to notify persons affected by a breach. But customers expect much more.

Data Compromise coverage helps businesses respond promptly and professionally to what is often a complex and confusing situation. As important, it can help businesses retain their clients’ trust and business.

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