Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection

Identity Protection Services are automatically included, free of charge, with all IMT Insurance and Wadena Insurance personal auto policies. In addition, the coverage is optional on all Farm and Personal Liability policies. Unlike other “Identity Theft Insurance” products, our Identity Recovery coverage combines insurance with services that help victims restore their credit history and identity records. The fraud-specialist services provided to you and powered by Identity Theft 911® help detect and resolve identity theft and fraud. With identity theft now one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States, we’re providing you with the protection you need.

If you are a victim, you need expert help right away. Our Identity Recovery services are designed to ease the burden and perform the bulk of the work on behalf of a victim. When you need help:

  1. Simply call us at (800) 414-9917.
  2. We’ll transfer you to a fraud specialist at Identity Theft 911’s Resolution Center. They’ll work to help restore your credit history and identity records to pre-theft status.

Identity theft victims report the biggest “cost” of identity theft is the time and frustration they incur correcting their credit history and identity records. The average victim spends 60 hours to rectify the damage and many cases take much longer. From your initial call to your resolution, your personal fraud specialist will be by your side, cutting through the red tape and doing the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to struggle on your own.

You can Be Worry Free knowing these services are available to you when you need them the most:

  • Proactive Services – Keeping identity thieves out of your business is important. If your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, or you suspect your identity has been compromised or might be vulnerable, a fraud specialist will place a free fraud alert, when appropriate, and offer guidance on the latest scams.
  • Resolution Services – Step-by-step guidance is provided to stop fraudulent bills and charges, work with government agencies and creditors, and help you prepare notification materials from start to finish. You’ll also receive one year of free fraud-monitoring services.
  • Document Replacement Assistance — Guidance and help will be provided in replacing lost, stolen or destroyed identity documents. This includes:
    • Social Security cards
    • Birth certificates
    • Passports
    • Driver’s licenses

For news on the latest identity scams and access to a wealth of resources and proactive tips to help you avoid becoming a victim, visit

IDentityTheft 911

*Identity protection services are available to a spouse and/or immediate family members under 26 years old who live in the household.